This Might Actually Be the iPhone 4G [PICS]

Engadget believes it has the first photos of Apple’s new iPhone, and though the evidence is not conclusive, gadget geeks are engaging in a frenzy of speculation and anticipation.

The popular gadget blog received photos of a cell phone that could be the next generation iPhone yesterday, but people began to doubt when someone came forward claiming to have the same device and saying it was actually a Japanese knockoff. Then Engadget discovered that it’s had evidence sitting on its proverbial desk for weeks, and found a “trusted source” that confirmed that the design is real.

The evidence in question is actually a pre-launch, leaked photo of the iPad, included below. An iPhone with a design similar if not identical to that depicted in these new photos was sitting in the background of the iPad picture and no one noticed until now. The recent photos also resemble the handset seen in a TwitPic () that bubbled up way back in February. You can see all these photos further below.

[img credit: Engadget]

Supposed Features

The phone that was the subject for the images that started the frenzy yesterday was supposedly found on the floor of a San Jose bar. The person who found it claimed that it booted up into a new operating system at first (probably the just-announced iPhone OS 4.0) but that it has since stopped functioning.

Engadget’s source says that the new model has a higher resolution screen than its predecessors, a front-facing camera for video calls, MicroSIM card support and a better camera with built-in flash. Whoever supposedly found the San Jose model also claimed that one had 80 gigabytes of storage.

Previous leaks and rumors have led gadget enthusiasts to believe that the new iPhone will launch this June, and that it’s called the iPhone HD, not the iPhone 4G. Most folks are still calling it the 4G until confirmation comes, though. Like previous iPhone models, the leaked one doesn’t carry model-specific branding; it just says “iPhone.”

Is This the Real Thing?

Engadget Editor-in-Chief Joshua Topolsky is totally convinced, calling the iPad picture “proof,” the Japanese counterfeit image “quite clearly” Photoshopped, and the purported iPhone 4G/HD images “legit.” The guy has dealt with his fair share of both fake and real leaks, and one can only assume that he’s made this call more because he trusts his unrevealed source than because of the blurry iPad image.

The individuals responsible for the Japanese counterfeit pic have since admitted that their image was fake.

There are reasons to be skeptical. It seems unlikely that someone trusted with the device would be careless enough to lose it in a bar. Also, the design shift seems uncharacteristic for Apple because it adds complexity and noise to the aesthetic — Apple has been moving in the opposite direction for the past several years.

It would be surprising if the new iPhone went in a dramatically different design direction than the iPad, which was just launched a few weeks ago. Apple’s design styles have tended to be uniform across most of their products in recent years.

What do you think? Is this the next iPhone, a pre-production prototype, an Asian knockoff or something else altogether? Look at the pics below and share your opinion in the poll.

Image: TwitPic

[img credit: TUDream]

Images: Engadget Leak

[img credit: Engadget]

Image: iPad Leak With iPhone in Background

[img credit: Engadget]


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