Super Sunday! & no Favre

The final 2 teams stand alone now the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts stand on top of the mountain fighting for supremacy.  A costly mistake by Brett Favre let the Saints take over in O.T., drive up the field and hit a 40 yard field goal to send the Vikings home packing.  It almost reminded me of an old Favre we know and love.  His last throw in a Packers uniform was an interception to a Giants defender, his las pass as Jet was an interception to end the game and of course.  As the old saying goes, history repeats itself as he takes another step into interception heaven and does a super no no, throws across his body into a Saints defender.  New Orleans is a city that has gotten battered by “holes” in its own backyard.   After hurricane katrina more than 80% of the residents fled and took off.  With only those brave ones that stayed and manage keep alive holding on the city finally has been coming together.  Just dont show by the 9th ward that is still a scene of a movie.  With all that set aside and Breese embracing the city as its own the Mardi Gras parties can finally begin with the hopes that the Saints can pull it off.  Now the only thing standing in front of a 40+ year old franchise [Saints] that has NEVER made it to the super bowl is Manning and the Colts.

Manning would be and is going to be considered by far one of the most recognized football icons of the past decade along with the likes of Tom Brady, Kurt Warner and plenty more to name.  At 1 point he audible 6 plays in a row.  At that point your not just a QB on the field your a coach moving the team who seem to struggle a bit in the first half with the Jets #1 rated defense,  who held them to 2 straight field goals.  Manning came back in the second half shut down the jets and their hot “D” and pulled away with a victory.   Heading down to Miami where they last won a super bowl in the rain!  Manning hopes that this year its a little different [no rain] and he can once again walk away with the championship trophy held high!