Google’s Nexus One to Be Sold at Walmart?

Although Google may have launched Nexus One with a unique direct-to-consumer strategy, it appears that might soon be changing, as the phone could be headed to the shelves of Walmart.

“coming soon” page has been discovered on the Walmart wireless website indicating that the retail giant will carry the Google phone. What’s not clear at this point is whether or not it will be online-only or also available in brick-and-mortar stores — or whether this was just some huge blunder on the part of Walmart’s web team.

AndroidandMe, who first spotted the page, also notes that the phone’s specs appear to indicate support for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint’s 3G networks. Currently, the device is only available via Google’s online store, with a subsidy if you buy the phone along with a T-Mobile service contract.

Regardless of whether or not the device ends up in Walmart’s stores or just on its website, the move would represent a big shift in Google’s sales strategy, a major piece of which involved removing the middleman. With initial sales estimates coming in at a paltry 20,000 devices in the first week, perhaps this is a sign that Google’s reconsidering how to best get the device into consumers’ hands.


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