NFL won’t announce discipline for Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger on Monday

Yahoo Sports had reported on Sunday night that commissioner Roger Goodell was prepared to hand down discipline to Roethlisberger as early as Monday or Tuesday

MJ, Bulls celebrate clinching victory

That was evident after the Bulls clinched the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference playoff race with a win over his Bobcats on Wednesday night. He walked into the Bulls locker after the game and offered congratulations to some of the players and coaches.


Giants re-sign Punter Feagles

Jeff Feagles, played his first pro season in 1988, the same year his teammate, Hakeem Nicks, was born. However, age proves no issue as he has recently signed a contract to return in 2010.


Yankees Beat Los Angeles 7-5 While Bronx Pushes Matsui to Tears

Andy Pettite led the Yankees to a 7-5 victory in their home opener. Making the triumph Pettite’s fourth career home opening win, the true story lies with-in ex-Yankee Hideki Matsui.


Rollins injured, but Phillies roll on

Two minutes before Monday’s 7-4 victory over Washington, the Phillies learned shortstop Jimmy Rollins could not play. He had strained his right calf in a rudimentary pregame warm-up in right field, when rarely anything of importance happens.


Jeremy Shockey Dating Contest: Saint Seeking Ladies

Jeremy Shockey sure sounds like he’s making the most of his offseason. As HuffPost blogger Shaneika Dabney has pointed out, the Saints tight end is seeking a little online companionship.


New Orleans Saints First-and-10: Super Bowl will be a battle of small market teams

This will be a Super Bowl of big arms and big-play offenses. It’s also one of small cities.  Super Bowl XLIV will feature the first meeting between two teams from the league’s 10 smallest markets, since the merger of the NFL and AFL in 1970.  Indianapolis ranks as the 10th smallest of the league’s 30 markets.