Sex Parties and Zoning Laws

Al Money 2/8/2010


So how many times have you been at a party meet a hot girl and hook up?  For some it happens all the time, for others its just a dream or a thought that you have and go home and well, “do you”.  Well if your one of those dreamers there might be a place for you.   The Washington Post is reporting on a zoning issue that has come up in Bethesda, MD.  Seems that a man has thrown sex parties at a house he rented – and besides the sex, he has earned himself a warning from a zoning inspector.  Seems having sex parties is not a big deal.  Charging money for them is.  The host was accepting donations “of $20 to $50 from the attendees…so…the parties constituted “a commercial enterprise,” said the zoning inspector.  One more paid party, and the enterprising man will be fined.

So sex parties huh?  Why not as long as your using protection I don’t think there is any type of problem doing something as natural as having sex!  Now im sure the donations are to keep the place up and going, keep the beer flowing the food coming in?  You let your imagination run on that one.  I’m a very open-minded person!  I think sex parties as long  as your safe with it are a great idea.  If you think otherwise you know there’s  a comment box.  Give me a piece of your mind.  Why do I think that they are a good idea?  Easy, maybe you already know the person and thought that it would be cool just to have a casual get together.  Were living in a different age now sex shouldnt be something that cannot be spoken about!  It’s everywhere it’s the way some products that don’t even have to do with sex sell themselves.  Look if you wasnt down with it or even gave the slightest care about it you wouldn’t be here reading this.

And probably you really like what im talking about?  Like I said give me a piece of your mind and lets talk about this topic, Sex Parties…Good or Bad?


One response to “Sex Parties and Zoning Laws

  1. My husband and I have been to many lifestyle parties together and enjoy them tremendously. To keep things legal there is never a charge. The parties are always BYOB and everyone brings food of some sort. Everyone has fun and no one is expected to participate, “No Means No”.

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