American Apparel Models — The 10 Hottest

AL MONEY: 3/4/10


For over eight years now, American Apparel models and its well-documented perv founder Dov Charney have blazed a sexually suggestive trail through the world of advertising. With minimal budgets and maximal.

hipster boobies, the ads have become more than product promotions — they’ve become a cornerstone of the company’s marketing. While the ploy’s nothing new (Calvin Klein billboards are still making a stir), we’ve come to appreciate the fine tart art Charney’s churning out. And such is our nerdery that we’ve got in mind the ten American Apparel models we love the most.

*AL MONEY SAYS: Some of the links in this post are NSFW so be mindful of what you click on, you don’t want to get caught staring at chest-icles while you’re in your cubicle.

10. Alanna

In the last quarter of ’09, American Apparel model Alanna has become a key asset to the team. Look, she can even pull her own hair. Skillz.

9. Sally

Ah, Sally. An oldie but a goodie. Of course, when it comes to AmApp, we all know it’s not age we’re talking about here. Sally’s shoots back in ’04 were some of the earliest for the company. Also, she was hot and could totally dunk.

8. Erica

Erica‘s greatest hit was the Scarface appropriate halter bodysuit. A solid gold chica next door, who we will never forget.

7. Xochielt

The jail-bait vibes coming off of ’05 superstar Xochielt are probably more than any man could reasonably resist. The Chucks don’t help. Well played Dov, well played.

6. Caitlin

OK back to business. Caitlin‘s from Canada. You know how it is in the business world, at some point you got to go international. We’d fly from LA to Montreal for Molsons with her, no doubt.

5. Avy Lee Roth

The supposed daughter of Van Halen’s best frontman, David Lee Roth, Avy Lee Roth has starred in motion pictures such as “Stimulus Package,” “Hot Sauce 2” and “Face Paintings.” Is that last one about Native American culture?

4. Lauren Phoenix

If you’ve spent much time on the “non-You” tubes (you know what we’re saying, bro), then you might have run into Lauren Phoenix. A talented actress, she’s done many ensemble casts, appearing in works such as “Feeding Frenzy 9,” “The Cream Team 2” and “Apprentass.” Lauren was American Apparel’s first foray into casting porn stars. Not a bad start.

3. Jillian AKA Faye Reagan

In 2009, Jillian, better known as Faye Reagan, cleaned up at the AVN awards, taking home four titles. But before she was an award winning actress, she was doing some talented and competent modeling work for AA.You gotta start somewhere.

2. Britney AKA Charlotte Stokely

Come on dudes, we all know this is porn star Charlotte Stokely! I mean come on with the pseudonyms already, sheesh. Anyway, Charlotte is so bad that they let her try out the prototypes. She’s the LeBron of American Apparel.

1. Sasha Grey

You might have caught Sasha Grey on VBS’s Shot By Kern. Or in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience. Or in one of her many, many adult titles (This Ain’t Star Trek XXX is a good starting point). The current queen of hipster porn (sorry Joanna Angel, but tats don’t equal hipster), Sasha Grey has popped up in a few AmApp ads here and there and we’re hoping for more.

All images: American Apparel

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