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American Apparel Models — The 10 Hottest



World’s best bottom: the top ten

Well, the competition (and bottoms) are shaping up nicely, and as things stand the current top ten contains the following beautiful specimens of female anatomy


Lindsey Lohan: Movie Star or….

Let’s talk about Lindsey Lohan.  It is reported that a 45 second sex tape is floating around out there.  Seems that she is doing something that would – shall we say – blow you away. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Water poured on girls in slo-mo

If you like watching ladies in pants having water poured over them in slow motion, maybe you should get a new camera, get a nice girlfriend ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sex Parties and Zoning Laws

So how many times have you been at a party meet a hot girl and hook up?  For some it happens all the time, for others its just a dream or a thought that you have and go home and well, “do you”.  Well if your one of those dreamers there might be a place for you. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Your local Walgreens..A hidden Sex Store?

Al Money LL’s official Sex blogger has found a new place to show for sex products – – Walgreens! Who knew? Seems that I went shopping one day and ended up being ‘distracted’ by all of the sexy products they had available. “First, there is a surprising variety of “personal massagers.” “Quiet and powerful ones” in a Skittles-worthy array of colors.” Again, who knew.