Rebel8 Clothing: Cool in Collaborations

The skateboard, graffiti, and tattoo-inspired label showed off some of their dope cut and sew pieces.

In its seventh year of operation, Rebel8 is going stronger with the sharp business instinct of Joshy D. and Mike Giant’s hand-illustrated designs, which are produced without any digitizing of original artwork into vector format. Their no-compromise attitude to this original inking process brings out the authenticity in Rebel8’s products, and polishes the brand into one shiny gem in the (mostly mass-produced) streetwear industry.

And we’re convinced that this is why one of our hip-hop heroes, Lil Wayne, loves Rebel8 so much that he had his people call Rebel8 and had them create not one, but four custom R8 New Eras with hand drawn underbrims.

For their Spring/Summer 2010 collection, Rebel8 partnered up with Dickies and brought the European-produced collaboration results to the US. Check out their detail-oriented design on the jackets, Rebel8 stays true to its strong graffiti-tattoo roots with a totally awesome design on the collar. The windbreaker with the skull design on the inner part is pleasantly eye-catching.

Rebel8 also showed us their collaboration with another clothing company called Actual Pain this season and we’re just loving it.  In the mean time, here are the cool stuff from Rebel8 that you can get at Karmaloop!

Rebel8 Institutionalized Tee, $32

Rebel 800 Miles and Runnin Hat, $28

Rebel8 Local 8 Shirt Jacket, $74


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