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‘Modern Warfare 2’ DLC downloads top 2.5 million

It seems video game players were not deterred by the $15 price tag tied to downloadable content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The number of downloads for the map pack Stimulus Package topped 2.5 million in its first week, Activision announced, citing data from Microsoft. The DLC is available on Xbox Live exclusively. The DLC will release on PC and PlayStation 3 at a later date.

More than one million players downloaded Stimulus Package within the first 24 hours, breaking an Xbox Live record, says the publisher.

Equally astonishing is the amount of hours players have spent on Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer component. Activision says players have spent 1.75 billion hours online since the game debuted last November.

The initial details on Stimulus Package raised eyebrows among some video game players when revealed last month. The DLC — consisting of five multiplayer maps — costs $15, a high price considering two of the maps were previously used in 2007’s Call of Duty 4.

Xbox 360 getting USB storage support in Spring 2010 firmware update

Are we gazing onto the cusp of a new horizon, one where our Xbox 360 storage needs aren’t shackled to overpriced proprietary hard drives?

2K Sports announces $1,000,000 perfect game contest

2K Sports announced today that they will give away an unprecedented cash prize in the amount of $1,000,000 to the first person who throws a verified perfect game in Major League Baseball® 2K10,


Microsoft’s full-body game control system Project Natal will be launched in time for the holidays this year, in what promises to be a big year for Xbox 360 users.

The Xbox news was the highlight of CEO Steve Ballmer’s keynote opening the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Wednesday, which was delayed by a brief power outage and included a lengthy pitch for Microsoft’s recently launched Windows 7 operating system.

Ballmer also showed three new tablet PCs that will ship later this year, including a slender device from Hewlett-Packard that was running a PC version of Amazon’s Kindle software. The device even looked a little like an e-reader, although it was apparently running Windows 7.

It wasn’t the Courier tablet that Microsoft is reportedly working on and that some had expected to see at the keynote, however. Courier, as reported by the tech blog Gizmodo last September, is a novel device with two multi-touch screens that open like a book, and some nifty features like the ability to “flick” items from one screen to another.

Ballmer didn’t mention Courier, however, and the news for gamers was the most compelling part of the evening.

“2010 is going to be a landmark year for all Xbox customers,” thanks to Project Natal, lots of new games and an online retro arcade service, said Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division, who followed Ballmer on stage.

Project Natal was first previewed at the E3 show last year. It’s a gaming control system that lets players use full-body gestures, like a kick or a punch, to interact with the action on screen. It employs a 3D camera to track body movements and then translates them into actions on the screen. Bach called it “the culmination of years of research.”

He didn’t give pricing or say how Project Natal will be sold, but he did say it will work with existing Xbox 360 consoles.

Also new for gamers, in the spring, will be Game Room. It’s an online arcade where Xbox Live users can purchase classic video games from the 70s and 80s, from names like Atari and Activision, then invite the avatars of other Xbox Live users into their virtual arcade to play.

2010 will also be a big year for new Xbox games. Microsoft will release the next installment of its successful Halo franchise, called “Halo Reach,” a prequel that will “tell the story of the epic battle before Halo 1,” Bach said.

It will also introduce a new genre of games, “the psychological action thriller,” with a game called “Alan Wake” that tells the story of a mystery writer who gets trapped in his own novels. “Think ‘Lost,’ written by Stephen King and directed by David Lynch,” Bach said.

The evening began half an hour late after a power failure blackened out part of the stage at the Hilton center, along with a few of the computer screens on it.

Spin With Class

It’s a simple formula: Start with a musical instrument controller, throw in songs even your dog knows, and you’ve got a million-selling video game. Activision’s DJ Hero (Xbox 360/PS3/Wii) follows the recipe—but throws in the beats. DJH’s intimidating turntable controller is actually easy to wield, with a three-button setup similar to Guitar Hero’s. But this time the descending lines on-screen aren’t note values but separate tracks: Slide the fader all the way left and dig on the Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow”; move it all the way to the right and get Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction”; rest it in the middle and you’ll hear a mix of the two. Scratch with the turntable and you’ve got a DJ game that isn’t far from the real thing—minus the annoying requests and drinks spilled on your dust jackets. If you tire of cueing up the pop, rock, electronica, R&B, and third-wave freak-folk jams, let DJH play itself—its “Party Play” mode doubles as an emergency playlist. With 100-plus tracks, the rager won’t get shut down soon. Next up: Klezmer Hero! $120,

by: Al Money LLE