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U2 Top Forbes 2010 Music Rich List

Forbes released its list of top paid musicians for 2010 and gotta say, quite a few surprises there. U2 came in number one with $130 million earned, but the interesting part is that the Top 5 was dominated by artists of the 70’s and 80’s. AC/DC came in second with $114 million and fourth place was taken by Bruce Springsteen with $68.7 million.

Only one new artist was able to hit the Top 10 and it was none other than, you guessed it . . . Lady Gaga! Surely no shock to anyone but what was rather noteworthy is that Beyonce Knowles hit the list a full 3 spots and $20 million ahead of hubby Jay-Z. Wonder how Hova feels about that one?


Lil Wayne Allegedly Gets with 16-year-old

Weezy could be in (more) trouble even as his jail sentence looms closer. A 16 year old girl has been bragging on her Facebook page saying that she made out with Lil’ Wayne.

According to Bossip, the scenario went down like this:

Heres photos of Lil Wayne, with a girl named Kristin and an underage friend named Martha. He met them at a concert in Chicago and invited them to see him in Milwaukee and gave them back stage passes. After that he flew them to Miami, (without parental consent from the minor’s parent) and put them up in a hotel. Kristin admitted making out with him on her facebook” .

Though the friends of the girl have told sources that the information is false, it’s also confirmed that the photos are real, no Photoshop. Pictures sure don’t lie, but is there truth to the sex allegations, even if she’s saying it’s not true?

Does this fit into Lil Wayne’s past behavior? He certainly can buy anything he wants, and as a result may feel like he can get away with anything (as anyone with a lot of influence would). I am starting to believe that slipping up and getting underage groupies to hang out with you is something that could happen to Wayne. Not Jigga, T.I, Andre 3000, Common, Drake (though I wouldn’t put it past him), or (insert name here), but Weezy.

So what say you? Anyone there that knows exactly what happened? Wayne haters and supporters, spar out your defenses here!


Jovi_Rockwell: @D_reigns Thank U!:) Im going to have my own limited edition Liquid lightning cans this summer.

You heard it straight out of her, the official Liquid Lightning limited edition can will be out this summer for jamaican beauty, Jovi Rockwell. No longer rumors now confirmed WELCOME MS. ROCKWELL TO THE TEAM! Pictures of the beautiful Jovi will be up soon from her official photoshoot this past week in NYC.