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Blown Call on Slide Lets Mets Escape Sweep

What would have been a four game sweep over the Mets by the San Francisco Giants was blown by a missed call by home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi.

A critical play at home was shown by television replays to be a clear call that should have given the Giants the game but instead, the game was handed to the Mets.

If called properly that would have been Met’s closer Francisco Rodriguez’s fifth blown save and the fourth straight loss to the Giants! Honestly, for saving Rodriguez from the embarrassment and the Mets from that bad of a sweep, who could blame the ump? Sometimes your heart just reaches out for the underdog.

After 10 innings, the Mets were more than happy to take their 4-3 victory over the Giants.


Waitress Turned BabyMama in a One Night Stand with Ronaldo

Story has it that Cristiano Ronaldo’s charm got him into quite a bit of trouble on is last visit to LA. His one night stand with an unnamed American waitress turned the soccer hottie to a soccer daddy.

After using his foreigner routine of pretending to know little English to lure the waitress into bed, and with absolutely no plans of ever seeing her again, it was safe to say that this was quite the bump is Ronaldo’s slick plan.

But don’t worry Ronaldo fans, Crissy has given his baby momma £10million to keep her mouth shut and plans on raising the baby by himself. In fact, he doesn’t even want to tell Ronaldo Jr. who his mother is until he turns 18! Isn’t he just the sweetest?

U.S. Coach Left Feeling as if Job Is Undone

Bob Bradley felt that after 120 minutes he was truly not done coaching despite his teams 2-1 loss to Ghana in the Round of 16 on the 2010 World Cup.

Nothing about the results of this game really shocked Bradley though. His team was extremely spirited throughout the game, but unfortunately didn’t have what it took to overcome the only African team left in the Cup, who were really boosted by their enthusiastic crowd.

Bradley is already looking to the future of the American team. We definitely look forward to seeing what America has in store the next time around.

Dwyane Wade — Officially Divorced

Ladies, Dwyane Wade is finally a single man. A Chicago judge has ruled that his troubled 8-year marriage to high school sweetheart Siohvaughn Wade is officially over. 

But the drama hasn’t ended yet, because the two still have to work out several key issues including custody of the couple’s two children and the division of marital assets.

 Wade states that, “I’m very relieved that the judge granted my divorce today … this has been a long process and I hope we can all move forward.” Let’s hope, Dwyane you can move forward right over to me.

Peace Amanda Bynes!

Of all the young actresses announcing early “retirement” why Amanda  Bynes? Honestly I think we’re all on the same page with wishing to see plenty of other young actresses on this retirement list.

I personally think that Lindsay Lohan probably should decide whether she wants to commit to acting or retire sometime soon just like Ms. Bynes.

I wonder what the future will hold for Amanda…

Anna Nicole Smith’s Death – “A Murder”?

Larry Seidlin, the former judge who had decided where Anna Nicole Smith’s body would be buried, has just written a book claiming that Anna Nicole Smith’s death was actually manslaughter. Judge Seidlin states that the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department wasn’t sophisticated enough to handle the case and really made some serious mistakes since it could’ve been a “potential murder case”. Seems like this dude’s intentions might be a little shady. Is it the truth he’s after or is it just the money? Hmm.

Times Square Bomb Plotter Pleads Guilty in Terror Case

The defendant in the Times Square bomb plot pleaded guilty yesterday for his role in the failed attempt at an attack, an abrupt and expedited end to a terror plot that extended into Pakistan and an Islamic militant group there. He also mentioned that he would plead 100 times over to the crime. Mr. Shahzad even mentioned more possible attacks in the future and to watch out. I guess we can at least breathe a little easier knowing that this is one less crazy dude on the streets to worry about now.