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Jovi Rockwell Idolizes Monroe in this Piece

Al Money 3/1/2010


In this piece by Jovi Rockwell she poses just like the iconic Marilyn Monroe!  Honestly the beauty is there the look is there.  The Jamaican princess has it going on!  With her Reggae/Hip Hop music backing her beauty up there’s nothing that can stop this train.  She has massive talent and the support from Liquid Lightning is all there!  She just conducted a photo shoot for liquid lightning and below are some of the first shots coming in.  Besides her new official limited edition can coming out this summer she has  her own deal with Puma Sneakers so make sure you check it all out!  And now the long awaited sneak peek pics of Jovi Rockwell doing her Liquid Lightning photo shoot!:

More to come, Keep your eyes peeled!!!!


Liquid Lightning For Life!

If you’re looking for the usual stats, references to “go hard,” “living large” or all the other “corporate speak” you see everywhere else, you’re not going to find it here.

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