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Liquid Lightning Energy Drink Review
Well first off the 8.4 ounce Liquid Lightning energy drink is only about $1.00 when you buy in bulk. That’s right only about $1.00. This made me happy already, as price is one of the biggest factors I use when rating an energy drink, the others of course being taste and kick. Well I really do not know much about the drink except that it is made in the United States, it has 105 calories and comes in a slim 8.4 ounce can and that there is a sugar free version as well. I guess one more noteworthy mention would be the fact that they are also coming out with an energy shot called Boltz that contains “hoodia extract.” Check back later for the review on that! Enough fluff and onto the review.

Liquid Lightning Energy Drink Review: Taste
Right after cracking the can open I could smell a berry flavor so I knew what I was in for. Turns out my nose was not lying, as the Liquid Lightning energy drink has a very distinct berry taste to it. There did not seem to be any medicinal aftertaste from the energy ingredients, so the berry flavor was quite pleasant. The addition of 100% of your daily allowance of vitamin C is kind of nice as well. Taste Rating – 8.5

Liquid Lightning Energy Drink Review: Kick
Now I am not sure how much caffeine is actually in the drink. The website states that it is the world’s strongest energy drink. Now, don’t get me wrong, the kick of effect of Liquid Lightning was enough to keep me going for several hours but it was not on par with some of the Strongest Energy Drinks that I have tried. In fact it looks like caffeine is listed halfway down the ingredient list so I am doubting that it has a ton of caffeine. However, the blend of caffeine, taurine and b-vitamins was still worth it. Heck for about $1.00 it was well worth it. I would pick up two of these over one Red Bull anyday. Kick Rating 8.2

Liquid Lightning Energy Drink Review: Final Judgment
Well the berry taste was pretty good and the kick was alright. What I like most about this drink is the price! You can get a case of these on Amazon for about $27 which is pretty cheap. Check back later for the sugar free review and the review of
their energy shot, Boltz! Final Judgment – 8.4

BevNet.com Review

The regular variety of Liquid Lightning is a pleasant tasting energy drink (available in 8oz and 16oz) that’s sweetened with corn syrup. It has a light amount of carbonation, a berry style flavor, and 104mg of caffeine (for the 8oz format), which should provide a decent kick. In addition to caffeine, the drink uses a proprietary energy blend of taurine, glucuronolactone, ribose, ginseng, inositol, and potassium citrate, as well as added vitamins. All in all, it’s pleasant and functional, but not overly innovative given where the market is. On the outside, we like the evolution that the Liquid Lightning brand has gone through and it certainly has a more grown up feeling than the original. However, the prominent placement of a zero would have lead us to believe that this is a zero calorie product. Instead, it means zero fat, cholesterol, and sodium, which are things that are generally not found in energy drinks anyway. That being said, we’d remove this — it just adds confusion. Overall, this is a decent tasting drink, but it’s purely an average entry at this stage of the game.  Final Review, 8.4

NeedCoffee.com Review

The most striking thing about Liquid Lightning is how very light tasting it is…I’m assuming this is due to the combination of inositol and “corn sweeteners” instead of regular sugar or even high fructose corn syrup. I’m also making the assumption that HFCS and corn sweeteners, even though technically they sound like one in the same, are different–since otherwise you’d just say HFCS. Not that I could tell you offhand what the difference actually is. It’s got a slight berry taste and some aftertaste–probably due to the inositol–but it’s not enough to turn me off completely. Indeed, I think the drink is fairly effective for what we want it for: namely, getting buzzed.

It is a bit confusing since normally nutrition facts tells you the amount per serving, but this appears to tell you the amount per the container, which contains two servings. That would explain the 200% of your RDA of Vitamin C that’s listed at the top of the can and also in the nutrition facts. This, however, means that it only has 100mg of caffeine–which is a small amount for a 16oz. can. Therefore, I can only assume the buzz I’m getting is off the metric fuckton of B vitamins. And by that I’m talking 140% of your B3 requirements, plus 500% of B6, 130% of B5 and 1290% of B12. That or whatever “FRB: First Real Beverage” means. Without context, it’s a pretty useless addition to the front of the can. I mean, after all, isn’t the first real beverage technically…water?

Like I said, the taste is not the best I’ve ever had–and the aftertaste is a little distracting–but it does appear to be an effective drink, and I wouldn’t turn down another can of it.

beveragesdirect.com Review

Get struck with the lightning energy from Liquid Lightning Energy Drink.

In 2005, brothers Joe and Charlie Musumeci from Pennsylvania started the company with a great tasting drink that gives a good kick of energy. But it was in 2008 that the company had a total makeover when their cousin Greg Piagesi joined in the company.

Being a family with an active lifestyle, they have created a drink that would fuel one with tremendous kick of energy without experiencing any crash afterwards, a great tasting drink with high quality ingredients and one with an attractive packaging. All these were put together for Liquid Lightning Energy Drink.

Liquid Lightning is a drink that will take you by storm and will strike you with pure energy in lightning fast speed. Available in regular and sugar-free versions, this beverage contains caffeine, taurine, inositol, panax ginseng, glucuronolactone and all the essential B vitamins to fuel you with energy and alertness.

The regular version which is packaged in a red lightning bolt can has zero fat, zero cholesterol and zero sodium. While the sugar-free, zero calories version in a blue can has zero sugar, zero sodium and zero carbs. Both versions come in 8oz and 16 oz cans.



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