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4 responses to “Get Sponsored!

  1. We are a medical standby team. We do stand bys for rodeos, moto-x, speedways,football games,boxing events and about any other extreme sporting event out their.
    We would be happy too talk to someone with your company about geting your name and logo out to these events.
    we do about 400 events a year in Oklahoma,Texas,kansas,Moussouri,and Ohio please feel free to contact me at 1-877-376-3687
    Thank You Paul Lay owner Extreme sports Medics

  2. 1. I have a national following as an artist.
    2. I travel on a regular basis performing and networking.
    3. I have hundreds of followers and fans at facebook.
    4. I am one of America’s premier Spoken Word artists.
    5. I host open mics on a regular basis.
    6. I am getting better and better as a writer and performer.
    7. Not only do I work with adults, but I go to high schools to share my talent and to encourage teenagers to be creative and passionate about who they are and what they do.
    8. I am always being invited or reaching out to venues all across America.
    9. I am dedicated and passionate about what I do.
    10. This is my living. I plan on doing this for the rest of my life.

  3. Im a professional bmx rider out of Salt Lake City, UT
    I rode for Nose energy until yesterday, I dropped them because I use to be the mid-west Marketing Manager and then they did a 50% lay off so I dropped them as a sponsor as well.
    Other sponsors are:
    Skull Candy,
    Rockwell Watches,
    Albes bmx mail order
    DC shoes flow.

  4. 1. Love the taste of your energy drinks
    2. Gym freak (6 days a week)
    3. Motivate others just by my presence
    4. I will push the limits and then push further
    5. Always willing to show others correct form, exercises, etc.
    6. I go to FSU (Florida State University) so it’ll be easy to market your company as I have multiple friends in the gym and around campus.
    7. I want to put myself out there (Network myself) and will do whatever it takes to help achieve a company’s goals/my goals
    8. Since people in FL do not know about Liquid Lighting (yet!) I think this could be a good opportunity to branch out.
    9. I love being called a “living motivation”
    10. Marketing is my major with a minor in economics.
    11. Back home in NJ I always saw that Infiniti QX driving around with the big Liquid Lighting sticker on the back window (MAHWAH!)

    Thanks for your time!

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