Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Split?

People Magazine reports that Heidi Montag has officially moved out of the house she shared with husband Spencer Pratt. The couple’s home was in Pacific Palisades, California. Is Speidi done for good? One can’t help but think it’s possibly some sort of publicity stunt. One can’t also help hoping that it isn’t. The dude is crazy and Heidi should’ve been gone a long time ago.

There is no official confirmation on a divorce in the works, but the split is looking more and more legit everyday, especially since Heidi has moved out. She claims she needs time to “concentrate on herself”. She said that her friends and family had been spreading lies and rumors about her.

Montag is now reportedly rooming with Jen Bunney, you may remember her from a couple episodes of the Hills way back when (she was a bit of a drama starter). Even better is that the two are apparently starring in their own reality show, I have to wonder what the name of that show is gonna be. Anyway, let’s hope Heidi stays strong and ends this futile relationship once and for all.



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