‘Modern Warfare 2’ DLC downloads top 2.5 million

It seems video game players were not deterred by the $15 price tag tied to downloadable content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The number of downloads for the map pack Stimulus Package topped 2.5 million in its first week, Activision announced, citing data from Microsoft. The DLC is available on Xbox Live exclusively. The DLC will release on PC and PlayStation 3 at a later date.

More than one million players downloaded Stimulus Package within the first 24 hours, breaking an Xbox Live record, says the publisher.

Equally astonishing is the amount of hours players have spent on Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer component. Activision says players have spent 1.75 billion hours online since the game debuted last November.

The initial details on Stimulus Package raised eyebrows among some video game players when revealed last month. The DLC — consisting of five multiplayer maps — costs $15, a high price considering two of the maps were previously used in 2007’s Call of Duty 4.


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