Can FUBU aka FB Legacy Make Its Way Back to the Top?

I’m not sure I believe FUBU’s explanation for its disappearance over the last few years. The official story is that the brand took a brief hiatus to focus on global expansion. But what it looks like to me is the popularity of the brand just ran its course.

Back in high school I was known as “Mr. FUBU” for my perceived undying loyalty to the brand. When FUBU went away I thought the brand would sail off into the sunset only leaving me with good memories… but the FUBU  Collection is back, now known as FB Legacy, with our friends at to be the exclusive online retailer of the brand.

According to the heads at FB Legacy: “FB Legacy, inspired by turn-of-the-century industrial workman wear, is providing complementary wardrobe staples and representing the modern man with core sportswear apparel. Rooted in the history of its predecessor, FUBU, FB Legacy is the modern-day response to ever-changing fads.”

Their promotional online campaign is a spoof on the “I’m a Mac” commercials. The FUBU version is “Mr. FB vs. Mr. Trendy” featuring Clifton Powell, Slim Thug, Antwaun Smith (Mr. Universe 2009), “Pinky” (Pinky the porno star?! Jesus take the wheel.)

I get the whole “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” homage they’re going for here, and I do agree with Slim Thug that it is in fact hard to fit a “knot” in skinny jeans hence that not being gangsta, but is this the best FB Legacy can do when competition like The Hundreds, Moncler, and Billionaire Boys Club exist?


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