Out with the Old..

Al Money 3.16.2010


In a very competitive market where the scale is always tilting to one side, Liquid Lightning has found ways of staying on the heavy side of things and pushing the competition to the side.  On a taste tour done locallyon the better part of the east coast the public has responded and the outlook is all positive.  The great taste tour wasnt just that it was a statement pushed by the brand, a better taste, better ingredients, and none of the crash that other “Energy” drinks have in the market.  Liquid Lightning has gone about it the right way using a healthier alternative and giving you a product that is worthy of having in your fridge on the daily.  Now that the new year has turned and were in the later stage of the year heading into the spring/summer and LL has reconstructed themselves again adding better ingredients to an already great tasting drink and revamping their look letting go of the old black and red / black and blue and heading into a very sleek, sexy looking can 1 in black and 1 in white.  Giving the LL brand a more provocative look to where when you see it in shelves you want to just grab one and take taste.

The cans are set to be out during the spring/summer and many celebs have taken the opportunity to jump aboard and push the brand forward.  Keep your eyes open they are in Bars, Lounges, Clubs, UFC Events and are sponsoring world-class athletes form every corner of the world.



2 responses to “Out with the Old..

  1. I’d love to review your drinks for my site. Contact me soon.

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