Kid Gets Arrested for Listening to Rap Music


Nathan Michael Wilkie

Nathan Michael Wilkie was charged with offensive behavior as he waited in his car listening to Australian rapper Kid Selzy, while his mother was grocery shopping.  Police supposedly overheard Wilkie listening to an explicative filled song, which they deemed offensive and derogatory towards women.

According to Hip Hop Wired ,The Herald Sun reports that the case will go to trial in June, where Wilkie is expected to plead not guilty to the offense. Kid Selzy plans to attend the trial himself (great publicity).

How ridiculous! Were the cops’ heads placed next to the window so they could listen in?! It’s cases like this that can escalate to government taking even more liberties away from all of us if we don’t treat it like a big deal.


Rapper Kid Selzy

Can you imagine sitting outside of a parking lot just kickin’ it, listening to some Ice Cube (or even better, NWA’s “F*** the Police”) and then a cop comes from out of nowhere and arrests you for it?

So what say you reader? Do any of you agree with the cops’ decision? The only people I can imagine supporting this would be people who never liked rap or hip hop culture anyways. Since it’s not private property though, the police might very well have what I call their “intrusion”, validated in court.


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