T.I Announces New Single. Welcome Back!

After a controversial ad billboard to get people talkin’, T.I cleverly announces today a huge treat for his fans and haters alike. It’s a new song!  “I’m Back” takes off where Clifford “T.I”  Harris  unfortunately left off for a little less than a year, but it seems to be all celebration, and “I’m back” is in fact back to the flossin’; imagine a king in exile who has now returned to claim his #1 spot!

…with a vengeance!

As far as all the other details go, you know we got you, reader. Don’t forget that his baby mama Tiny Cottle is expecting a baby, due May 25th! T.I also has a film coming out he helped produce. Other co-stars such as Chris Brown, Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen star in a bank heist film called ” Takers” (Known to some as “Bone Deep”)

According to Aceshowbiz, T.I states:

“I appreciate the support and how hard I was going in during the brief hiatus,” T.I. said in a conference call. “I don’t take it lightly. This marks a special day for us, because we putting out the first song off the album–not an official first single, just something to keep the streets warm.”

“It’s properly entitled ‘I’m Back’. It’s a lot of things that needed to be spoken on. In my absence, it was a lot of things that went down, a lot of matters that needed to be addressed. This was the greatest platform for me to do it. It was the first song I did when I came home. You get me fresh out the box going in. I’m sure you guys will enjoy it.”

The album is still untitled but is planned to come out on August 24. Rumored to be on the album are heavy hitters such as Danja, The Runners, The-Dream and Trey Songz.

Unfortunately no shows are planned at the time, but I’m sure that will change. Welcome back the king of the south, readers!


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