The Stories of Rocawear Men’s Spring 2010 Collection

Jay-Z must be so proud!

Occupying one of the largest spaces at the MAGIC trade show a couple of weeks ago, Rocawear showcased its 2010 collections for Spring/Summer. We are loving the fresh-colored casual light jackets and shirts. Green and Teal are the dominant colors of the collection, and you can find an array of fitted jeans, pull a resort look with the white pants and look casual-fab with the cargo shorts. To add a preppy touch, look out for Rocawear’s classic cardigans.

Turns out there are some thinkers in the Rocawear team of designers.  They’ve dreamed up some deep messages and reflections to incorporate in the line’s theme.  Take the lime windbreaker, whose color’s name is ‘interference green’. According to the Rocawear designers, it comes from the tv screen noise that you sometimes get when you don’t pay your cable bill on time. The rationale behind the name? To not allow media interference into your mind.

If you’re a Rocawear addict, check Rocawear at DrJays. Here are some of SoJones favorites:

Rocawear Short Sleeve Polo, was $56, now $27.99

Rocawear 10th Anniversary Diamond Shirt, was $78, now $63.99

Rocawear Urban Classic Short, was $58, now $38.99


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