From Surf To Snow To Skates & Scooters – THE 2010 CHANEL SPORT COLLECTION

CHANEL has expanded their line of sports equipment (compared to their previous collections shown here) to include everything from boogie boards to bocce ball. Tons of snow skis, five snowboards, four different surfboards, a bicycle, five tennis racquets, two guitars, a scooter, fishing gear, golf clubs, Polo gear, a boomerang, a basketball, a football…. even inline skates. The luxury brand now has everything you need to compete in style whether riding a horse, or a wave. As expected, they are all beautifully appointed complete with CHANEL logos, cases and fine details. Here is the entire 2010 CHANEL SPORT collection.
CHANEL – BEACH: Raft and oars: Boogie / Skimmer and body surfing boards: CHANEL – SURF: CHANEL – SNOW: Snowboards: Skis: Goggles: Poles: CHANEL – COUNTRY: Boomerang: Fishing rod and case: Golf Clubs: Polo helmets: Polo crop: CHANEL – TENNIS: Racquets: CHANEL – URBAN: Petanque set and case (also known as Boule or Bocce ball): Accoustic guitars and cases: Inline Skates: Scooter: Bicycle: Free weights/ Dumbells: Basketball: Football: CHANEL sports and leisure products are available at various CHANEL boutiques. all images courtesy of CHANEL.

3 responses to “From Surf To Snow To Skates & Scooters – THE 2010 CHANEL SPORT COLLECTION


    BA BA BO E

  2. luxuryskiarticle

    Thank you very much for your article.

  3. Your all products are very good. You have very good collection of sports equipment.

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