On the local front here in NJ, Liquid Lightning Energy has taken time to give a lending hand to the people in Haiti.  Not only keeping the public up to date with their own success and whats going on in the country through their blog, twitter, and facebook now they’re heading out to give time to those who need it most.

“We are 100% behind supporting the aid going to Haiti. Our own TJ Eaton and emergin icon Mike Castro (World Champ Muay Thai ) will be heading into the areas of devastation, additionally, LL Brand Architect Ru-El Burford has made arrangements for a direct drop to the American Red Cross. We will be donating LL and Nirvana Water with hopes that it gets to those in need quickly!” -LL Energy

We are all hopeful that this will bring some type of relief to those in need and of course all the helping hands out there who will get their hands on the Energy Drink to give them a boost of vitamins, energy and continue pushing to find survivors wherever possible.  This is just another example on how open and big our hearts are. To stay in the loop with whats going on you can also check out their website @ LL Energy.  A big thank you goes out to you guys as we continue to stay hopeful and positive for the people in Haiti.  Do remember a small donation weather it   be time, money, food, water, clothing, goes a long way!

-Al Money LL Energy


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