World Premiere: Adidas Originals Star Wars Video

Sure, we’re used to dudes like Kobe or LeBron or MJ getting their own sneaker, but isn’t it about time you had some Air Skywalkers? Adidas thinks so, which is why they are teaming up with the Star Wars franchise to bring you an exclusive line of sneakers and apparal from a galaxy far, far away (more on the actual products can be found here).

To help promote this blockbuster team-up, Adidas Originals has recruited a staggering list of Star Wars fans for a once-in-a-lifetime music video. And we’re not talking “Star Wars Kid” here – No, no, this Force is strong with this line-up: Snoop Dogg, David Beckham, Daft Punk, DJ Neil Armstrong, and Calle 13. Even better, we have the video before anyone else. Adidas is launching this campaign officially tomorrow – but before the rest of the world gets to groove to this remix of John Williams’ finest hour, you can check it out right now:


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