What Can (Ipanema) Brown Do for You?

No, I’m not shilling for UPS or waxing lovingly about suede wing tips or some black market rain forest wood, I’m merely reacting to some of the rich earth tones on display at the Detroit Auto Show. And I don’t care what they call them–mocha latte, toffee dream, cinnamon swirl, whatever–they’re a welcome break from the monochromes usually on display. But not all browns are equally refreshing: Audi’s Ipanema Brown (seen here on the convertible R8) was the sultriest, most alluring of the bunch. Some theorize that earth-tones represent some organic comfort in these distressing economic times, and that may be true, but when it comes to car colors like Audi’s Brazilian hue, we prefer to adopt a more shallow stance: brown is beautiful.


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