Gear for the New Year

Hey, tubbo: Your gut isn’t the only thing you need to get rid of this year. (Yeah, we said it—what are you gonna do about it?) With 2010 here to stay for the foreseeable 365 days, there’s no better time than now (or tomorrow, for perpetual procrastinators) to “recreate” yourself. But, that doesn’t mean just hitting the gym, which will eventually lead to you slacking off and returning to couch patrol. Whether it’s impressing the ladies with a new look, mastering the art of headshots in your favorite video game, or taking up a new sport, we’ve put together a list of 10 products that will help revolutionize yourself this year.

Mangroomer Kit
Price: $95
Official Site | Buy on Amazon
Shaving anything other than your mug is a personal choice, and while it’s not something you want to break the ice with while watching football with your buddies on Sunday, believe it or not, your girl probably doesn’t want to date a woolly mammoth. Mangroomer’s back, body, and nose shaver/trimmers are perfect for those who want to remove unsightly body hair and each component is small enough to take with you on the road. Remember: you shave yours, she’ll shave hers.

Gunnar Gaming/Lifestyle Glasses
Price: Start at $79
Official Site | Buy on Amazon
We’ll be honest here by saying that these might just be the nerdiest things we’ve tried out. Does one really need special glasses to play a video game? Well, they work. Gunnar’s gaming glasses, featuring a proprietary diAMIX lens, reduce eye strain during those long hours of fun time in front of your LCD TV. Their lifestyle line of glasses are made for outdoor use and come with special gradient lenses that block harmful UV rays in harshly lit environments. So, whether you’re shooting down baddies on your console or enjoying everything global warming has to offer, Gunnar has you (your eyes, at least) covered.

Zoom H4n
Price: $299
Official Site | Buy on Amazon
Slow your roll, Stanley Kubrick. Just having a camera in your hand isn’t going to cut it when it comes to delivering sound for your film project. The Zoom H4n is the dSLR of audio recording, providing studio-quality performance at a fraction of the cost. The H4n sports four channels of simultaneous recording, allowing you to plug two additional external mics for multi-track sessions. If you’re interviewing a three-person band, for example, there’s no need to compile and sync audio tracks from three separate sources. It all stores directly on the unit’s SD or SDHC memory cards ready for use later on during production.

Withings WiFi Body Scale
Price: $159
Official Site | Buy on Amazon
We know what you’re thinking: Oh no, not another body scale. Yes, it’s another body scale, but this one is smarter than your average. Step on the scale and it reads your weight, body fat/muscle and displays it to you. Then, (after set-up, of course), the data is transmitted wirelessly to the Withings Web site, making your stats available to you on the ‘Net. Even better, download the iPhone application and you can track your progress anywhere in the world at any time.

Maximum Fitness Gear All-In-One Doorway Chin Up Bar
Price: $40
Official Site | Buy on Amazon
Simple, yet very useful, this chin-up bar will save you tons of dough you’d normally plunk down for a gym membership. It’s by far one of the sturdiest pull-up devices we’ve tried out. It also fits pretty much every doorway in a normal-sized apartment/house—just make sure there’s some clearance on the side for the handles—and it’s the best thing to have around when you need to swing-dropkick a would-be robber.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless-Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set
Price: $120
Official Site | Buy on Amazon
Nothing is healthier than cooking at home, which makes this Cuisinart set a must-have for those looking to shed the beer belly. Also, imagine the tail you’d bag when you bring them home for a dinner made from scratch. Or, if you’re kitchen illiterate, you can just strategically place then around your pad and say you’re a world-famous cook.

New Balance Men’s Running Shoe (MR993)
Price: $140
Official Site | Buy on Amazon
If running is your jam, you know finding a comfortable show that can keep up is no small task. Picking the wrong one can lead to blisters, painful cramps, and even structural damage to your legs. We chose the MR993 over others because of its super-comfortable interior (featuring New Balance’s ABZORB DTS heel, ABZORB SBS forefoot, and C-CAP midsole) and the Ndurance outsole, which slows down the deterioration of the inside material. It also comes in five different color combinations, but sadly, none that match your “Ride the Lightning” Metallica T-shirt.

Leatherman Skeletool CX Multitool
Price: $63
Official Site | Buy on Amazon
Want to try your luck at becoming a handyman? You’re going to need some tools first, buddy. Before you go splurge on the largest drill and tool set available at your Home Depot, start small with this all-in-one, do-everything multitool. The Skeletool features four driver bits (Phillips #1 and #2, screwdriver 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch), a hard-wire cutter and a regular wire cutter, a knife blade, and, of course, a bottle opener. It also comes with a 25-year warranty, perfect for those who want to screw around for a long time. (See what we did there?)

2010 Kawasaki KFX450R
Price: $7,949
Official Site
Nothing earns you more offroading cred than being able to ride one of these babies. The KFX450R is Kawasaki’s flagship sport ATV, offering both power (449cc engine, 32-bit digital fuel injection) and handling ( lightweight reverse gear system) to both novice and pro racers alike. Also, for all those times you’ve promised girls the ride of their lives, you can finally deliver on that.

TapouT USA Board Shorts
Price: $62
Official Site
Whether you’ve been toying with the idea of training in mixed martial arts or want to at least look like you do, you’re going to need the right gear to get started. For the look that says, “God bless America, I just kicked your ass,” these exclusive board shorts put out by the guys at TapouT are just the ticket. For a limited time, pick up anything over 50 dollars at the TapouT store and you’ll get another pair of board shorts and T-shirt for free. That’s one helluva recession special.


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