No Common Scents:

This winter, fashion mogul and master perfumer Tom Ford expands the Private Blend Collection. If you’re not familiar with these, some of the finest fragrances on earth, there is a worrying chance that you might still be sporting the same smells you soaked yourself in back at college; Issey Miyake L’eau D’Issey, Polo Sport Ralph Lauren, Davidoff Cool Water, Drakkar Noir? You have them all?? Oh dear.

Originally comprised of 12 scents, there have since been 4 new additions all of which were only available in either 50 or 250ml. The Blend was missing a middle man, with the 50 over before it began, and the 250 a serious and somewhat pricey commitment, like adopting an orphan.

Starting now, the 6 best-selling fragrances from the collection are available for the first time in a new 100ml bottle size. You can buy these medium-sized bottles of magic from for $260. Buy either Tuscan Leather (with notes that supposedly smell like cocaine) or Neroli Portofino. Your olfactory senses will thank you profusely.


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